Travel bug

I love to travel and looks like this travel bug caught me quite early in life. One of the reasons for liking travel is probably the nomadic nature of my early life when we switched cities every few years. It was fun relocating to an entirely new city, going to a new school in a totally different area with different set of people. Couple of decades back, I was watching travel shows and writing the names of the places that were shown in the various episodes of the TV series. This was my first travel bucket list which listed all the places that I wanted to visit. Continue reading “Travel bug”

Quotes challenge

Destination Infinity tagged me for this challenge long back. So long back that he must have forgotten about the challenge altogether :P. Thank you for tagging me DI. I had started this post back in July, more than a month back but forgot about it altogether. Today I was looking at my drafts and realized that I did not complete this challenge. Here are the three quotes that I like. I like them so much that I keep quoting them every now and then.

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Changes that parenting brought

Ever since our son made an entry into our lives, my perspective towards everything has changed. I am becoming more responsible as I am busy planning his future. There was a time when I did not think twice before buying a mac book or an expensive camera. These days, before I hit the “buy” button on any website, I think twice. I think it is a good change.

So here is a list which talks about the changes that I am noticing in my behavior. I don’t know for how many days/months this enlightenment will last –

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Top ten authors I’ve read the most books from

I usually don’t like reading books from the same author again and again. I prefer reading different authors, genres and like variety in my books. So this tag was difficult for me to complete. In this list, I have read most of the books written by Enid Blyton, even though I don’t remember all of them. I have read every single book written by Hergé, as he is one of my all-time favorites. I have not read many books written by the other authors on the list.

So out of the 436+ books that I have read (as of today), I have not read many books from the same author. Maybe I should start doing that from now onwards. Continue reading “Top ten authors I’ve read the most books from”

3 months

We finally crossed the 3 months milestone. First 3 months are supposed to be the most challenging period of parenting.

Thanks to my mom who has been losing sleep for my sake, I was able to cross this period without much issues. I have no idea how I would have managed this phase alone. Yet my mom did cross this phase alone, with me as a small baby. I now realize how important it is to have your mom by your side during these testing times. I cannot thank her enough for sacrificing her sleep and managing home and baby alone, even though she is not physically fit or energetic like others.

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Top ten hyped books I’ve never read

As an attempt to get back to blogging, I am doing this tag from BrokeandBookish. I liked today’s topic and thought of listing some books that I have been meaning to read for a while now, because of all the hype. I usually pick hyped and popular books first, since there is a higher chance that the book will be interesting.


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One and only child

“First children tend to be a choice parents make to fulfill their own lives and a second child tends to be a choice parents make to fulfill the life of their existing child.” – from book “One and Only” by Lauren Sandler.

Ever since I became pregnant with my baby, people have been advising me about how I should plan for another kid. I am getting free advice on how my son will end up becoming lonely, selfish blah blah. I even saw women advocating other women to have more children on some mummy forums. I am an only child and I am really happy that I don’t have a sibling. I got my parents’ undivided attention, still get their complete attention and love which people with siblings don’t always get (some do get).

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