School Fights

Swaram made me nostalgic with her recent post about her good ol’ school days. Suddenly so many incidents came to my mind that I thought I should make a post out of them. Unlike Swaram, I was a nomad, changing cities and hence schools every few years. I just remember a handful of friends from my middle or primary school, thanks to photos that I have.

The first friend I ever made in my first school in UKG was my dance partner too (courtesy: old pics). I directly joined UKG (no LKG and no pre-nursery education). So when the world was busy going to LKG, I was happily sitting in an UKG class. When the headmistress asked me, I gave her a shock by reciting everything from A,B,C.. to Jack and Jill. So she decided that I should not waste my time by doing LKG :shock:. And hence I was one year ahead in everything and was always the youngest in every class that I was a part of :cool:. I used to show off so much saying nobody is younger to me all the time. But I had issues later on, since many good schools refused to take me since I was “too young” for the class 😐 They asked me to repeat a class, which of course, I denied to do.


One of my schools where I studied was in North India. I just knew the alphabets in Hindi when I joined. I could not speak in Hindi, nor could I understand it. All the other kids in the class were fluent in Hindi and I became an outcast in the class for the same reason. I could speak in English very fluently but I still was considered “Southie”. One statement that I still remember even today is “Arey woh south Indian hai. Usse baat mat karo (She is a south Indian. Don’t talk to her)” which they would tell any other kid who tried to get friendly with me. I was wondering if I had committed a sin by being born in South India. It is racial discrimination, is it not? But then within an year, I could speak better Hindi than any of them. After that I gradually found some friends. But my Hindi teacher always cut marks saying she is not good at Hindi, another kind of racial discrimination :mad:. But thankfully, I had plenty of South Indian friends to play in the colony where we stayed. I kind of hated North Indians back then and was glad to be back in South India later. But now I have lot of north Indian friends and my opinion has changed.

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In  another school, I always sat in the first bench corner seat 😛 Please don’t give me those looks since in college, I used to sit in the last bench. But I assure you that I was THE naughtiest girl in the class :lol:. And on the boys’ side, first bench corner seat was always taken by a boy who was the shortest in the class. Everyone would call him ‘kulla’ (which means Shorty in Kannada). The first day in class, he introduced himself to me and that day itself we hated each other. I always felt that he was a showoff. He was a favorite student of my class teacher which kinda made me hate him more. He also hated me equally or more. He would never leave an opportunity to insult me in front of my friends. Once we were throwing a girl’s bag to tease her and here he comes to blast me – “Are you not ashamed of throwing Saraswati like that?’. I was like “I am just throwing her bag and her name is Savitha!’ :roll:. “I am talking about goddess Saraswati, the books”. “Ohhh”. He gave a disgusted look at me and left. One day I was having lunch and I left some in my box (since I was full) and he yelled at me – “You are wasting food. You are insulting this and that goddess blah blah blah blah”. I was dumbfounded and hurt and upset and whatever with him :?. Yet another day we were throwing water from the bottle on a friend and he blasted me for that – “You are throwing water on everyone who might be walking there. Don’t you have common sense?’ and I said “there is no one walking this side” and was in tears this time :cry:. I wanted to ask him which goddess I was offending this time but had no courage. Every girl in the class wanted me to take revenge on him. I used a different device for revenge (my mom’s idea) :idea:- the hand of friendship :cool:.


It was Rakshabandhan and I took an opportunity to tie Rakhi to him and from then onwards, a cold war started. But thankfully, I did not get a lecture on any goddess from him again. Even though we would talk nicely, I kind of wanted to beat him in every possible exam. And he felt the same. After every exam, we would ask the marks of the other person or try to find out the marks secretly. He would find out from other girls and then taunt me -“See I scored more than you in this exam.. Haha”. I did the same thing to him whenever possible :twisted:. We used to have class quiz (boys vs girls) and I used to be the one who would conduct it and it was time to make girls win (and make him look like a fool) so I would cheat. He used to throw paper under my bench and then tell the teacher that I threw. Once my teacher made me pick up all the paper lying on the floor in the classroom. I was so angry :x. All the girls in the class (other than my close friends) found an opportunity to comment that we were interested in each other. I knew enough not to care for such comments. Finally, the school days came to an end.

Did I meet him again? Well, I did on my first day in college :) He was in my college and in my degree college too in the same class! I have known this dude for more than 14 years now. We had the same kind of hard feelings in even college. He was no more a kulla now. After the college was over, one day he pinged me and we started talking. I called him kulla (to taunt and irritate him) and he said “you have no right to call me that since you were shorter among the two of us”. I said “No way. I was taller”. So we had this argument and the next thing I see is this poll that he has posted in our school group asking who was taller amongst us in school days. People voted and I won. Yayyy!!! I was so happy :mrgreen:.

Today, he is one of my good friends and we laugh at the way we used to fight. He had given me a nick name too (which only the boys in the class knew) and I was like !@#$%^&* 👿 after hearing what that nick name was. I cannot mention that name here. I,too had given him a nickname – ST (which stood for short tempered 😛 ).. The last time I spoke to him, he was like “Why did we always fight so much?”. I had no answer. Hope he doesnt read this post 😳 else I will get thrashed properly.

Come on guys! Share your school fights!

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  2. vishnu Reply

    lol @ vipul’s ending..
    ya tht ending would hav been nice..
    jus 1 quick question..
    do u atleast know y u didnt hav the answer or the reason for him to be asking tht question..

    neways..which is ur native place?? bangalore??

  3. Shankar Reply

    Some north Indians always behave like that..But not all.. Since I am from a north India based college.. I have many north Indian friends and they are as good as the south Indians. The way they learn Tamil from us was very funny.. But all statements do have exceptions. While coming back from Delhi I had a very bad experience from a Muslim family which ruined my one and half day journey. The head of the family asked something in Hindi.. But I said I dont know hindi. He started mocking at me throughout the journey and he always gave me weird looks..a hatred look as If I am a beggar or something else.

    This is not racial discrimination.. regional discrimination..he..he…

    lol… that was very nice one… But If i have encountered such a person who keeps yelling that.. this is goddess..that is goddess… Straight away a punch on his face… very nice that you are good friends now…

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      Yeah regional discrimination but we are different race (remember Aryans and Dravidians.. hehe.. just kidding) :) I was a very soft person and that’s why I would just cry and keep quiet.. couldnt give back :(

  4. Guria Reply

    I second Vipul’s comment…
    the way the story goes, it’s Intermission right now, I guess! 😛 😀
    A very cute post :)

  5. Ravishankar Reply

    Nice recall of the old days :)
    Still have good memories of the school days.

    You forgot to mention about one guy from PU days as well 😛

    BTW kulla will be happy to read this post. Maybe i will send him the link and guess what we still use that nick name in conversations. I don’t think u can get over with it in ur life 😀

  6. Swaram Reply

    Well, even I think Northies behave that way esp. then :)

    I ws the other case No UKG 😉 Straight from LKG to 1st and just like u, always the youngest in class :)

    Awesome fight stories there and u even got a pic to go with it – Cool :)

    Loved the quiz part :)

    Let the post stay girl – fond memories :)

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      Yeah I think this happens when we are kids because adults were nice there.. Wow.. you are just like me, one yr ahead :)
      okay, keeping the post for now :)

  7. Arvee Reply

    The kulla story got me laughing…reminds me of many things that happened in my own school…

    About the Northie and Southie thing.. my college is a patchwork of students from all states within the country(and beyond)…many people people prefer to stay within their kind…like MP guys stay within themselves, telugu guys and so on and treat others with disregard….Thankfully not everyone r like that…i share a room with 3 northies and its great fun…not counting the occasional quarrels….

  8. Shobhit Reply


    Wonderful post ! And the pictures you chose were absolutely marvellous to go with it. :p

    You would be surprised that our batch in school never had any big fights. Yes, there was the odd competitiveness between people for studies, but it was just that. And the best thing is, that we all are still the same even after school. A special bond. Not just between a few, but for almost whole of the batch consisting of more than a hundred people !

    Yes, there were some very funny and crazy incidents. You’ll get to read some on my blog very soon. 😀

  9. vishvak saen Reply

    same here.tamizh and till fifth schooling in bhopal and delhi.same discrimination.i too had a coldwar with a girl for years.ended in tenth with a slap for someone and suspension for the other.more fights.nice

  10. Ravan Reply

    You know in my school days, I was told to sit in the corner front row of school,

    where my class teacher used to say, its strategic position, as I could see all the girls from there… 😛

  11. rahul sharma Reply

    made me nostalgic…I have a similar friend but not in the same college though….

    and hey, you travel all over India… I also had such experience, infact I never stayed in a particular school for more than 4 years..

  12. Naveen Reply

    School life ..good ol’ days

    Mine was full of fights … n believe me they got ugly .. dirty clothes .. torn off pockets, u name it
    But next day we all forgot what we were fighting about 😀
    the guy i used to fight with most was my best frnd … maybe dats why we never had a cold war 😛

  13. HaRy Reply

    Regional difference has always been!! can always agree on that!!, brought me back memories …nice one!

  14. Shruti Reply

    Know what?Even i thought like vipul, but the end wasn’t like that!
    Even I hopped schools for 5times. Finally after 8th std, settled with one!!
    I got back my gud ol’ days avada!

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      Nice to know that even you did school hopping.. I wonder if it is better to hop or to study in a single school from 1st to 10th std..both have pros n cons I guess

  15. Neha Reply

    hahahaha, damn hilarious incidences…but u r a nice girl…u attended college lectures too…my count is below 50 all 10 college years combined…

    n btw, my 2 school friends, the girl tied rakhee to the guy school time pe, now they r married 😛

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      hehe.. yeah I would attend lectures sincerely, though half of the time I never listened to them :) about your friends, OMG! really?!! 😮

  16. kanagu Reply

    bitter-sweet memories… :):) I enjoyed this post… those innocence… it can never be matched…

    I don’t remember the fights I had… because I never had the courage to fight one.. :( :(

  17. lostworld Reply

    Lovely post !!!! ‘Kulla’ story was nice, nicer to know you laugh about it now !

    Fights..hmm..Strangely I don’t remember any yaar :-( But I always used to bail my brother out of his gang fights.. Maybe thats why noone fought with me :-O

  18. Destination Infinity Reply

    I have fought with a group of people during college… who were good friends when in school… I stopped talking to them after first year – quite silly! but I have this bad habit of ignoring or not-communicating with enemies, and that’s one reason I miss out all the fun! I am also quite selective, that’s another prob… anyways I am improving much after the advent of blogs :)

    Destination Infinity

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      Yep I guess this happens when we fight in college. School fights are forgotten easily since we all were kids. Even I have fought with some people in college, but could never patch up with them again :) But I guess I forgive people too easily :( which makes people take advantage of me, sometimes. Same here, even I am very selective about my close friends.

  19. Prasad Reply

    School fights!! Thanks for giving me a nice recollection of memories!!! 15+ times suspended, 6 scars, 5+ times caught alone with thugs, 4 times admitted in hospital, 1 time undergone a major fracture, 50+ frnds, 70+ enemies, minus gfs, obviously some really good habits like boozing, some bad habits like getting passed in the exams by studying with nerds & losing some ‘best’ frnds, moving forward in the bench from last to first when exam nears, and a lot more!!!
    What can you expect from a 12+ yrs hosteler in a boys convent at ooty, filled with the future PMs to criminals!!
    I think this tells you all!!

    NI’s!! You are right abt NI’s.. But we live among slum free land, educated, technically superior people, wit a nice quality of living standards atleast better than them..
    Yes they do discriminate us, saying SI is under developed like NI is california’s copy.. Still I can see a lot of people with standing in my town’s railway station begging in hindi.. I should make a video of them!!
    But till now I m forgiving the 10% of them for the sake of remaining 90..

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      oh boy! you have been in hostel for so long! How was it like staying in a hostel? I am sure you made lot of best friends there who will stick with you for a long time.. I have always been at home except for some yrs so never realized how it felt to stay in a hostel..
      Yeah NIs are too proud about their skin color to start with, I guess.. SIs are darker but brainier, NIs are pretty dumb (not all, but most)..some are good at heart, but most are arrogant

      • Prasad Reply

        Hostel??? That’s heaven & hell both enclosed!! Yes I have a lot of friends, we r like brothers!! But when I came outside, I just felt like an arrogant, anti social guy..
        + Tolerant, Clever, Bold , Easy going, , extremely humorous (we feel that the ‘grown up in home’ people are extremely boring, can’t ;even act like laughing for their jokes)
        – no gfs :-o, don’t know what is cleanliness, no respet for others and some ‘good’ habits

        Not all NIs are bad. They are like dogs. Just bark! Don’t worry about them. Still these northies are depending on B’lore, chennai, cbe, hyd for jobs..

        • Avada Kedavra Reply

          surprised at no gfs though 😮 I have stayed away from home for some yrs and those were the best days of my life.. had so much fun in those yrs and made some of the best frnds too!
          Yeah I have some NI friends and they are sweet.. but some NIs are pathetic!

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