Swaram made me nostalgic with her recent post about her good ol’ school days. Suddenly so many incidents came to my mind that I thought I should make a post out of them. Unlike Swaram, I was a nomad, changing cities and hence schools every few years. I just remember a handful of friends from my middle or primary school, thanks to photos that I have.

The first friend I ever made in my first school in UKG was my dance partner too (courtesy: old pics). I directly joined UKG (no LKG and no pre-nursery education). So when the world was busy going to LKG, I was happily sitting in an UKG class. When the headmistress asked me, I gave her a shock by reciting everything from A,B,C.. to Jack and Jill. So she decided that I should not waste my time by doing LKG :shock:. And hence I was one year ahead in everything and was always the youngest in every class that I was a part of :cool:. I used to show off so much saying nobody is younger to me all the time. But I had issues later on, since many good schools refused to take me since I was “too young” for the class :| They asked me to repeat a class, which of course, I denied to do.


One of my schools where I studied was in North India. I just knew the alphabets in Hindi when I joined. I could not speak in Hindi, nor could I understand it. All the other kids in the class were fluent in Hindi and I became an outcast in the class for the same reason. I could speak in English very fluently but I still was considered “Southie”. One statement that I still remember even today is “Arey woh south Indian hai. Usse baat mat karo (She is a south Indian. Don’t talk to her)” which they would tell any other kid who tried to get friendly with me. I was wondering if I had committed a sin by being born in South India. It is racial discrimination, is it not? But then within an year, I could speak better Hindi than any of them. After that I gradually found some friends. But my Hindi teacher always cut marks saying she is not good at Hindi, another kind of racial discrimination :mad:. But thankfully, I had plenty of South Indian friends to play in the colony where we stayed. I kind of hated North Indians back then and was glad to be back in South India later. But now I have lot of north Indian friends and my opinion has changed.

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In  another school, I always sat in the first bench corner seat :P Please don’t give me those looks since in college, I used to sit in the last bench. But I assure you that I was THE naughtiest girl in the class :lol:. And on the boys’ side, first bench corner seat was always taken by a boy who was the shortest in the class. Everyone would call him ‘kulla’ (which means Shorty in Kannada). The first day in class, he introduced himself to me and that day itself we hated each other. I always felt that he was a showoff. He was a favorite student of my class teacher which kinda made me hate him more. He also hated me equally or more. He would never leave an opportunity to insult me in front of my friends. Once we were throwing a girl’s bag to tease her and here he comes to blast me – “Are you not ashamed of throwing Saraswati like that?’. I was like “I am just throwing her bag and her name is Savitha!’ :roll:. “I am talking about goddess Saraswati, the books”. “Ohhh”. He gave a disgusted look at me and left. One day I was having lunch and I left some in my box (since I was full) and he yelled at me – “You are wasting food. You are insulting this and that goddess blah blah blah blah”. I was dumbfounded and hurt and upset and whatever with him :?. Yet another day we were throwing water from the bottle on a friend and he blasted me for that – “You are throwing water on everyone who might be walking there. Don’t you have common sense?’ and I said “there is no one walking this side” and was in tears this time :cry:. I wanted to ask him which goddess I was offending this time but had no courage. Every girl in the class wanted me to take revenge on him. I used a different device for revenge (my mom’s idea) :idea:- the hand of friendship :cool:.


It was Rakshabandhan and I took an opportunity to tie Rakhi to him and from then onwards, a cold war started. But thankfully, I did not get a lecture on any goddess from him again. Even though we would talk nicely, I kind of wanted to beat him in every possible exam. And he felt the same. After every exam, we would ask the marks of the other person or try to find out the marks secretly. He would find out from other girls and then taunt me -“See I scored more than you in this exam.. Haha”. I did the same thing to him whenever possible :twisted:. We used to have class quiz (boys vs girls) and I used to be the one who would conduct it and it was time to make girls win (and make him look like a fool) so I would cheat. He used to throw paper under my bench and then tell the teacher that I threw. Once my teacher made me pick up all the paper lying on the floor in the classroom. I was so angry :x. All the girls in the class (other than my close friends) found an opportunity to comment that we were interested in each other. I knew enough not to care for such comments. Finally, the school days came to an end.

Did I meet him again? Well, I did on my first day in college :) He was in my college and in my degree college too in the same class! I have known this dude for more than 14 years now. We had the same kind of hard feelings in even college. He was no more a kulla now. After the college was over, one day he pinged me and we started talking. I called him kulla (to taunt and irritate him) and he said “you have no right to call me that since you were shorter among the two of us”. I said “No way. I was taller”. So we had this argument and the next thing I see is this poll that he has posted in our school group asking who was taller amongst us in school days. People voted and I won. Yayyy!!! I was so happy :mrgreen:.

Today, he is one of my good friends and we laugh at the way we used to fight. He had given me a nick name too (which only the boys in the class knew) and I was like !@#$%^&* :evil: after hearing what that nick name was. I cannot mention that name here. I,too had given him a nickname – ST (which stood for short tempered :P ).. The last time I spoke to him, he was like “Why did we always fight so much?”. I had no answer. Hope he doesnt read this post :oops: else I will get thrashed properly.

Come on guys! Share your school fights!