Fiction 55 – Third attempt

Here is another pathetic attempt at writing 55 fiction. Hope you guys/gals will not feel like taking out your slippers after reading! :(

Wikipedia says “55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.”

The Department


I was relieved to find portions for the exam outside the department.
As I stood there noting them down, I heard him approach.
Five minutes passed in silence before he asked me, “They still haven’t put Optics portions?!!”.
He definitely had not been looking at the board.
We were standing in front of Chemistry department.

Boys find some lame reasons to start a conversation with a girl sometimes. Sorry, this is another kinda non-fiction since this had happened to me. I remembered about this college incident suddenly. I should start a new Non-fiction 55 series probably. But I am sure lot of girls would have faced these kind of funny incidents.

P.S: If you did not get it, Optics is a subject which comes under Physics and not Chemistry.

Please let me know if this was also a silly one. :( I will stop torturing you people with my fiction 55s from now onwards and will write something else.

60 thoughts on “Fiction 55 – Third attempt

  1. shankar Reply

    ha..ha.. thats true… boys do find lame reasons to start conversing with a girl… change the title as Non-Fiction 55….

    not a bad attempt…..

  2. Swaram Reply

    Ha ha ha .. u r taking a dig @ them nw 😛
    the way they start conversations .. deserves a whole post in itself 😉

  3. Neha Reply

    u have touched the nerve girl…all the best…:D

    n continue writing 55 fictions, such ones 😛

  4. Chatterbox Reply

    That was funny!
    You are very right, boys all kinds of silly things just to seek attention or to spark a conversation with girls.

    I enjoyed your 55 fiction. Keep it up!


  5. vishvak saen Reply

    for the sake of mankind and evolution someone has to initiate it..we let go of pride dignity and stuff and do it..and we are

  6. mctheebs Reply

    You shouldn’t ever give up on your fiction! Keep practicing your writing. Nobody ever got good at anything without practice.

    Good story. I’ve probably something like that once or twice.

  7. Lakshmi Rajan Reply

    Never say die attitude is great spirit ! The problem with your 55 story is it needs a footer message after the story for people to understand the story. May be if you could work on that part and make the story itself convey the meaning you want to say without the need for a footer message you can make your 55 fiction or non fiction attractive … Just a bit of suggestion from my side :)

  8. rsvblogger Reply

    I spuriously acknowledge that even if dumb, the infertile series of actions committed by the boy unarguably represented that he blah blah..
    so what happened next…what did you do??

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      Hehe.. nothing much.. I told him “these are chemistry portions, not physics”.. then he said “Ohhh” (totally embarrassed).. I went to the class, told all the girls and we started giggling like hell.. Poor chap :)

  9. Naveen Reply

    I have had my share of being tongue-tied … nervousness can make people say crazy stuff 😛 ,anyways gud one … but is this truly fiction :O

  10. vishnu Reply

    silly but funny..
    its always the guys who hav to start.. and cmon there are times we run out of ideas and pick up lines.. so we hav to come up with crazy stuff like these to get ur attention..
    so anyways “did he succeed in his mission?” is the question..

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      hehehe.. no..I told him “these are chemistry portions, not physics”.. then he said “Ohhh” (totally embarrassed).. he tried talking to me 3-4 times in college but he was unsuccessful. I don’t know what happened to him after college. Never seen/heard about him..

  11. Ravan Reply

    did not get optics thing…but then read the p.s.

    Super awesome

    how lame is that boy…damm, no class at all…
    I use differently…:D

  12. Sunny Reply

    If i would have not read description below, i thought it was conversation between to students who are “Outstanding” in their classes, unaware of Syllabus.

  13. gils Reply

    first it was bonkers for me..cudnt get it and got the context..after reading the subtext cud get the meaning…really nice attempt :) hey first time here..and going by ur title i guess u r also a HP fan like me..lemme say EXPELLIARMUS :))

  14. Shobhit Reply

    Oh come on…

    I did ask a girl for directions to the OT (Operation Theatre) during the final year in college.

    Though we had being studying there for over four years and we had been to the OT some more than 150 times already. 😀

    But that was just for fun. (Now don’t go getting any ideas there… 😉 )

    But maybe that guy was trying to get some Chemistry going by talking about someone’s favourite subject… 😉 😀

    • Shobhit Reply


      Come on. You really are getting some far fetched ideas. 😀 That was just to have fun by irritating people. Nothing more, nothing less. If it wasn’t, then I would have already eloped with her by now… 😛

    • Shobhit Reply

      😀 Yes… ! The rehearsal’s done. Now waiting and hoping for the real thing… 😛 The only thing missing from the scene is the ‘leading lady’. :) Won’t take long to elope once I find her ! 😛

  15. Shilpa Garg Reply

    That’s a good one!!
    You are getting pro at turning your real life incidents into 55 fiction!!
    Damn cool!!
    Keep expressing!! :)

  16. Shruti Reply

    Avada, am sorry for being late! I lost my blog roll :( :(
    This 55Fiction is too good!! We all showed u green! Carry on girl! :)

  17. dmanji Reply

    Your attempts are not pathetic at all and I think you don’t need to add any footer at all… I was able to get what you wanted to convey without reading the foot-note 😀
    55-Fictions or Non-Fictions are meant to keep the suspense or open for interpretations….
    Next time try to leave the story as it is and just see how readers interpret it’ll be very useful I say…..

    • Avada Kedavra Reply

      yep thanks Dhiman :) I am so happy that one person understood without the footer.. yayyy!! You are right, 55 fictions should keep the suspense and let users interpret the meaning. I will take care of it next time :)

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