Ever imagined how interesting life was when there were no mobile phones available in market. These days, you are in a meeting with your boss and suddenly cell starts ringing at the top volume. It does not ring when you are sitting idle ‘facebook’ing… err.. we should add this word to the dictionary, what say? Just like ‘orkut’ing, ‘twitter’ing or is it called tweeting? Then there are some souls that get hurt because you did not call back or pick their call.

There was a time in college when I was part of a girls gang, which involved 4 girls, including me. It so happened once that we planned to watch a movie together, the day our exams got over. Out of the 4 of us, 3 of us (D, C and me) had our own vehicles but only one of us (i.e D) knew the route to the theater. The rest of us were supposed to follow her. And so we started our journey with D leading the way. Then the inevitable happened, we got separated because of the traffic. D turned left and C went straight at a high speed, without bothering to check on others and I was wondering whom to follow. C obviously did not know the way and so there was no point following her. So I went behind D but after a while, lost her at a signal again since she zoomed past the traffic and was nowhere to be seen. In those days, we did not carry mobile phones, since they were brick sized and costly to afford. Finally feeling disgusted I came home. D reached the theater along with the 4th girl as her pillion and wondered where the others went. She waited for quite sometime and once the show started, went home after dropping the other girl home. C went home too since she did not know where the theater was. After coming home disappointed, I called D and C to their residence numbers. By that time, they had reached home and it was time for blaming each other for getting lost :) We had no choice but to plan for the movie next day. This time we chose a theater to which everyone knew the way and decided to meet outside the theater. And this time we successfully watched the movie. So much for following a person without having a cell phone :D This is one of those incidents that I can never forget and my mom ends up laughing every time I remind her about ‘how’ I watched a movie with my friends :)

There were times when my dad would come in search of me, since I was late and thus embarrass me in front of my friends. Grr.. Thankfully now that I have a mobile, I call them up and inform that I am getting late.

I loved the gang that I had and the movies that we watched together by bunking classes :) Once so happened that we wanted to watch some Rani Mukerjee’s movie but some silly Kareena’s movie was also getting screened in that theater. We checked the timings and decided to go for matinee show since Rani’s movie was being screened. All other shows were Kareena’s. Two of our friends said they will buy the tickets and wait for us outside the theater. The rest of us happily went to the theater late. The two girls who were there already told that Rani’s movie was being screened in the 2nd show and Kareena’s in the matinee and so we had no choice but to watch Kareena’s. We scolded the two of them for buying tickets for such a stupid movie and entered the hall. Only after the movie started, did we realize that we had been tricked and fooled. The movie indeed was Rani’s.

If you are just back from US, you do lot of weird things that makes people think you are insane. Need some examples? I press 2 expecting to land on 3rd floor, since ground floor is 1st floor in US. And then I get down from the elevator and realize I am on the wrong floor, get inside the elevator again and press 3 this time :)  I divide everything by 50 and think everything’s cheap. Typical situation – oh this costs just Rs.50, that’s just $1. It will cost $3 in US, take it, it’s very cheap. Gosh!! I guess I will need more time to get adjusted to Rupees :(

Ever since I opened a bank account, I am being harassed with phone calls asking me to take a credit card. You pick up the phone when you are driving or when you are in a meeting, thinking it might be important and all that you hear is “I am calling from xyz bank where you have an account, we have a lifetime free card for you”. What the hell is a lifetime card supposed to mean? lifetime of what? These days I bang the phone saying “I don’t need any credit card”. I was thinking of writing to the bank to stop torturing me for opening an account with them.