Shobhit gave me this award and asked me to reveal 7 secrets of mine. Thanks for the award Shobhit :) It’s been so long since I did a tag.

And Gils had given me the same tag some months or was it years back. He would have forgotten about it.

It is rather a tag-award with the following set of rules.

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about you.
3. Spread the love and honor.
4. Award and contact 7 recently discovered bloggers.

I had done a similar tag earlier here.

Here they are:

1. I am pretty old fashioned and think like a person from 60s-70s when it comes to things like relationships or kiss scenes or vulgar scenes in movies. Nor do I believe in today’s idea of live-in relationships.

2. I was usually the first person to finish writing any exam, since I can write really fast. Also because of this, I was very famous in school/college for my notes. I can even type really fast and with minimum errors, even though I havent learnt typing. Many people have asked me if I have learnt typing.

3. I have been famous for talking, ever since I started talking. My grandfather would call me from his office and make me talk to his colleagues when I was a small kid. His colleagues would look forward to talking to me. And I like talking, but not with everyone :)

4. I was famous for my long, thick black hair. Many people I met in buses asked me the oil that I used for my hair. But my hair isnt great anymore :(

5. I give a person some x number of chances to correct him/herself. If he/she still doesn’t behave properly after those x chances, they are OUT of my life for ever. I will never forgive them again after that, even if they behave very nicely later on. Once someone is out of my life, they are out of it forever.

6. I have stopped chatting on any messenger for good. I stopped it because I was busy, but now I am not interested in resuming :)

7. Even though I keep proclaiming I am an agnostic person, I like visiting temples. I feel serene when I visit one, for some reason.

Coming to bloggers, I tag Destination InfinitytheSudaDevHarshrenuBikram, MakkSandhya Kumarajaysm and anyone else who is interested in taking up this tag.