I am back after a long time with a rant post :) And it is mainly a result of discussion with a friend yesterday and what I have been experiencing for a long time. It is a very cliched topic but I still wanted to have a post about it on my blog.

You guessed it right, it is about the obsession with fairness that Indians have. Why do we Indians think that white people are better? I mean, what is wrong in being dark?! Why do we crave for white skin so much?

We were dominated by white people for 100 years and we still crave to become fair? Or is British rule the cause for our liking towards white skin? I guess we have been brainwashed ever since we were born that white skin means good looks. I have seen so many white people who lack any facial features and there are plenty of dark skinned women/men who are beautiful. But still if you look at any matrimonial site, the first and foremost requirement even from the darkest guy will be “fair girl”.

I feel like punching someone in the face when they start talking about skin color. No, seriously I feel like doing that.

Will we ever stop obsessing over skin color? What can be done to stop this kind of discrimination? We must ban fairness creams from the market to start with.

My friend and I were checking Google to see what Indians really want and you will not be surprised to see the results. Check out what Google has to say:

This is what we want : Fair skin, to become white

Indians “love” white people. Indians were treated like scum in the past but still they love them.

Indians like Cricket alright, but fair skin?!

Indian men seem to be famous for holding hands of probably each other ;)

I do not understand why within our own country, we have to discriminate people based on their skin color?! And yes we think we are inferior because we are not fair.

Deviating from the topic, here are few more searches on Indians: